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SPOT LIGHT *Cracked and Bleeding Feet*

Skin-E-Dip has given my feet an entirely new lease on life! For many years I have suffered with dry skin and deep, bleeding cracks on my feet. My podiatrist had even given up on them - nothing seemed to help. After using Skin-E-Dip as directed for only one week, my heals are now soft and smooth (likes a baby's behind!) and not cracked or sore anymore. Another plus - I used to go through a new pair of socks every day - my heals literally tore them to shreds. Sience using Skin-E-Dip I have not bought a new pair of socks - a real money-saver for me! Now that my feet are healed I find that a light "maintenance" application is all that is required. Thanks, a million times over!


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