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SKIN-E-DIP History

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

  1. SKIN-E-DIP is one of the few natural products left on the market today.

  2. Let me tell you how SKIN-E-DIP came to be.

  3. The founder of SKIN-E-DIP Wynn Ward was a nurse back in England during the war. She used SKIN-E-DIP to help the wounded soldiers, and fellow patience. After the war she migrated over to Canada, where she met her husband Stan. They had a wonderful life with 4 children. When their oldest son started a family of his own, the baby had very bad skin conditions and nothing at the drug store would work or the prescriptions that the doctor had given them. He asked his mom (Wynn) if she knew of anything that would help and yes she did. She went out to the pharmacy and bought the ingredients to make SKIN-E-DIP. She and her husband made some adjustments to make SKIN-E-DIP even better than it was. When they used the new and improved SKIN-E-DIP on the baby it didn't take but a few days for the baby's skin to start to heal. And with in the week the skin was back to normal. Word got around about how great this was and that was the first start to SKIN-E-DIP. .

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