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1. Skin-E-Dip 2x100g (8 oz)
2. Skin-E-Dip 100g (4 oz)
3. Skin-E-Dip 30g (1 oz)
4. Skin-E-Dip 2x30g (2 oz)
5. Skin-E-Dip 2x100g

Rosacea Skin Care

Rosacea is a serious skin condition that is becoming more common every year. It almost exclusively affects facial skin, and the onset can happen at any time--though after the age of 30 is by far the most common. The effects can be devastating. If you've ever seen W.C. Field's nose and wondered why it was so red and bulbous, the answer is that he was suffering from one of the more common forms of rosacea. For some, this affects their social lives and self esteem. For others it even causes them to miss work or be unable to continue in a chosen career.

Even worse, the cause of rosacea is not known and there is no cure. People who suffer from rosacea can, however, combine a variety of treatment options to manage the disorder. It is important to start as soon as possible, however, as rosacea is likely to worsen over time, and untreated symptoms will worsen as well.

In the early stages, rosacea is likely to show up as redness (or a flushed look) on the T-zone--the nose, chin and forehead. It can then spread to the cheeks as well. In later stages, you'll actually start to see blood vessels beneath the skin, and then bumps like pimples that burn and sting may begin to develop. In severe cases, the nose and eyes are seriously affected and are permanently red, swollen and in pain.

In many cases, the affected skin may be rough and can thicken, swell or even raise into patches called plaques. All of these symptoms have similarities with severe dry skin, which is why Skin-E-Dip may be effective in helping to treat rosacea. Available through, this medicated cream has ingredients that control itching, swelling, and stinging, as well as moisturize the skin without any unnatural ingredients, fragrances and additives. If you're suffering form rosacea, give Skin-E-Dip a try!

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