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1. Skin-E-Dip 2x30g (2 oz)
2. Skin-E-Dip 2x100g (8 oz)
3. Skin-E-Dip 100g (4 oz)
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1. Skin-E-Dip 2x100g (8 oz)
2. Skin-E-Dip 100g (4 oz)
3. Skin-E-Dip 30g (1 oz)
4. Skin-E-Dip 2x30g (2 oz)
5. Skin-E-Dip 2x100g

Eczema Products

It may seem disheartening at first to learn that the cause of eczema is unknown and that there is no known cure. If you endure the pain and discomfort of eczema, as well as the loss of self-confidence that can come when you feel bad about your appearance, the fact that there's no cure may make you feel hopeless. The fact is, however, that eczema can be managed and outbreaks can be controlled so that you can live a pain-free and happy life.

The key is finding the product or combination of products that works for you. That may be different for every person and can include both prescription and non-prescription treatments. If you look at the testimonials on, you'll find that one of the things that works for many people is a medicated ointment called Skin-E-Dip.

Eczema typically causes itching and scratching it can exacerbate the condition and yield new problems as well. Scratching can break the skin, and infections can lead to more pain, redness and swelling. It can also spread oils that can give you blemishes in the area where you already have an eczema outbreak. Skin-E-Dip can soothe itching on contact, resulting in less scratching and fewer complications.

We recommend that you apply Skin-E-Dip right after your shower or bath, since this both locks moisture in and prevents a loss of natural moisture when water evaporates or you towel dry too vigorously. You can re-apply Skin-E-Dip as often as you like since the ingredients are all safe and the formula is non-greasy. Don't wait any longer to find out if this simple solution will have as profound an effect on your life as it has on thousands of others.

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