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1. Skin-E-Dip 2x30g (2 oz)
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1. Skin-E-Dip 2x100g (8 oz)
2. Skin-E-Dip 100g (4 oz)
3. Skin-E-Dip 30g (1 oz)
4. Skin-E-Dip 2x30g (2 oz)
5. Skin-E-Dip 2x100g

Alternative Psoriasis Treatments

Of the more than six million people who suffer from psoriasis, many are seeking alternative psoriasis treatments. Psoriasis can be a very painful and debilitating condition for which there is no cure. Most people ultimately do find a way to manage the worst of the disease--some with the help of a doctor and others with entirely non-prescription treatments.

Psoriasis is a chronic condition marked by inflamed areas of skin that become scaly. While normal skin cells are naturally sloughed from the body in just under a month, if you have psoriasis, the cells are not shed and instead form these thick scales that can build up almost anywhere on the body. For some people the problem is primarily aesthetic, but for others there is inflammation, itching or even severe and disabling pain.

Common treatments for psoriasis include UV-A light therapy, retinoids, acids and a variety of prescription drugs. Some people, however, are hesitant to use these methods. In some cases, people tried these methods and met only minimal success. Others fear over-medicating or introducing potentially harmful or even toxic substances into the body.

Skin-E-Dip medicated ointment, available online from, is an alternative to prescription treatments. It is all-natural, safe for anyone and can be used in conjunction with any other treatment that you may be trying. While Skin-E-Dip was created specifically as a powerful dry skin treatment, we've had countless clients tell us that their results in treating psoriasis were the best they've experienced with anything they've tried. Check out the testimonials on our site to get a sense of what Skin-E-Dip may be able to do for you.

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